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    1. Disconnect to


      What We Do

      Digital Detox? is an internationally-recognized company focused on helping people be more present and improve the balance with technology use in their lives. We aim to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to create more mindful, meaningful, well-rounded lives both online and off.

      Since 2012, we have pioneered programs that address the impact of tech dependency. Digital Detox conducts extensive research, offers certification programs for K-12 education, creates immersive device-free experiences for adults, and publishes industry-leading content encouraging people to consider the role of technology in our lives today.

      Digital Detox pioneered Digital Detox Retreats around the world and hosts its flagship Camp Grounded Summer Camp for Adults each year. 

      As Featured In

      Digital Detox Experiences


      From summer camps for adults to unplugged nights out and mystery trips, Digital Detox creates immersive device-free experiences where you can Disconnect to Reconnect? with those around you.

      Camp Grounded? is a 3-night adult summer camp, completely off the grid, that inspires every attendee each year. Campers feel like kids again as they experience amazing music, enjoy healthy meals, dive into activities, and connect with one another, without devices.

      Digital Detox Research


      With a focus on understanding how technology impacts our lives, Digital Detox curates the latest research and leads ongoing studies with focus groups, advisory panels, psychologists, and top universities.

      Digital Detox K-12 Certification for Phone Use in Schools

      K-12 Certification

      Technology plays an essential role in education today, but the overuse of phones impacts academic performance and communication skills while increasing the risk of depression and anxiety. Digital Detox Certification? works with schools to help combat this growing challenge.

      Levi Felix co-founder of Digital Detox

      The Levi Felix Foundation

      In 2017, Digital Detox co-founder Levi Felix died of a brain tumor at the age of 32. Levi sparked the inspiration that built an international community, and in his honor, we have created and donate annually to The Levi Felix Foundation to support brain cancer research.

      Quick Stats

      Digital Detox sleep stat
      of people wake up at least once every night to check their phones
      daily phone stat from Digital Detox
      the average person checks their phone
      car accidents phone use stat from Digital Detox
      of car accidents are caused by phone use

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